Collection: Candlestick Holders

Our unique candle holders reimagine the perceived notion of utility with their bold, handcrafted designs that tell a story. We specialize in functional artistry at House of Savage, and these handmade candle holders are no exception. Add a touch of upscale artistic decor to your space. These candlestick holders were made to make a statement and rouse your inner savage. Find your dreams. Bring them home.

Unique Candle Holders to Elevate Your Space

In our book, function doesn’t equate to average or boring. We dare you to be different when it comes to decorating your home. Here we create exclusive decor that is not only made to be displayed but interacted with. Whether it’s a candle holder, an indulgent candle from Savage Fire, or a boldly unique ashtray, our artistic decor is made to unapologetically stand out amongst the bland backdrop of “average”. 

Our handmade candle holders are crafted by the artist using high-quality materials and techniques. As such, there may be slight variations in color or appearance, making each exclusively exceptional. Embrace the savage. 

Explore our creative collection today or contact us for a bespoke commission.

Bring Your Dreams Home with House of Savage

Express the savage side of your style and personality. Tell your story with savage art. The possibilities for your home ambiance are endless with HOS. 

Contrasting neon tones. Daring graffiti and resin work. Flawless yet rogue execution. From our unique candle holders and handmade home decor to our incense holders and art decor, you’ll experience a touch of savagery with each piece we have to offer. 

Own a savage masterpiece or give a piece as artful gifting.

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