Care Instructions

Your HOS edgy decor adds individuality and a kind of savage elegance you never knew your living space could have. Let’s keep it that way. 

Each piece at House of Savage has been expertly created by hand using high-quality materials and techniques. That means no two pieces are the same, and they can’t be replicated. This is handcrafted excellence. 

We want you to keep enjoying your one-of-a-kind pieces for years to come. Use our simple guide to learn the proper cleaning and care for your statement-making piece.

Ashtray Care Instructions

Though made from quality materials like resin, our ashtrays aren’t indestructible. To avoid superficial scratches that interfere with your savage design, do not slide across rough surfaces. Please always handle it with care – the tray is delicate and breakable.

To clean, wipe the glossy surface gently using a damp cloth. No soap is necessary. And never machine wash in your dishwasher. If the outside of the tray gets wet, it may appear darker in color, but it’ll return back to its original color when dry.

Ashtray care tip: if you’re using it as your ashtray, contain the ashes on the glossy surface and avoid the outer sides.

Home Decor Care Instructions

Maintain the bold colors and disruptive designs of your handmade home decor with regular cleaning and care. From the incense holders to the coasters, avoid sliding across rough surfaces – this will help prevent superficial scratches on your piece. Again, you want to handle it with care because these pieces are breakable.

To clean incense holders and coasters, wipe the glossy surface gently using only a damp cloth. Other surfaces can be wiped with a gentle, dry cloth to prevent any damage. Never machine wash.

Art Decor Care Instructions

No handcrafted art decor piece is immune to dust. A little care and maintenance is all it takes to keep it looking fierce. For canvas art, you can tap the piece lightly to remove any loose dust. Afterward, take a dry, non-shedding cloth to gently dust the surface, including any 3D elements.

To clean sculptures and repurposed pieces, wipe with a dry, gentle cloth. Resin pieces can be polished using a damp cloth.

As always, handle your HOS artistic decor with care.

Candle Care Instructions

Candle care is dependent on the design and materials of your one-of-a-kind piece. Glass containers and holders may be wiped using a damp cloth, while plaster and other materials should be wiped using a gentle (and dry) cloth. Take care when extinguishing candles to avoid any wax splatter and debris from drying in the candle wax.

Follow safe candle use: trim any wick to ¼” before lighting, avoid drafty spots like windows or air vents, and keep away from flammable objects to reduce the risk of fire hazards.

Bring your dreams home – and handle them with care. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.