Collection: SAVAGE SMOKE

Don’t just smoke. Have a savage experience. These unique ashtrays epitomize functional artistry, serving both as a practical solution to your smoke and an edgy piece of art that dares to be seen in your living space. Explore HOS handmade ashtrays and discover your inner savage.

Embrace the Savage

Typically thought of as a utilitarian item, ashtrays are often uniform in color, size, shape, and form. But we dare to be different. Boldly unique, these 100% handmade ashtrays fit into no one’s mold. They’re unapologetically fierce and one-of-a-kind. Simply put, they’re savage. Light up your smoke and your home’s edgy decor with artful ashtrays meant to elevate and tell a story. 

Since every one of these unique ashtrays has been made by hand, no piece is the same – as is the beauty of a bespoke piece. Smoke in style with ashtrays that challenge the constant and the conventional with their disruptive designs, color contrasts, and flawless handcrafted execution. Explore our creative collection to find your masterpiece and don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to stay in the know with everything savage.

Make a Statement

House of Savage is all about embracing your edge and who you are. We create elegantly functional art, handcrafting each unique piece with the highest quality materials and the specialized touch of an artist. Made to make a statement, these pieces reinvent what it means to be practical. Elevate your home ambiance. Smoke. Sit back and relax. Entertain. Be savage. 

More than unique ashtrays, HOS brings your dreams home – didn’t you know? Shop Savage Art Fire, and Home now and get your one-of-a-kind piece shipped to you directly from the artist herself. For questions, feel free to reach out and contact us.