Collection: Ashtrays

Elevate your smoke experience – and your home decor. A savage execution of utility and edgy artistry, these ashtrays take cool to a whole new level. Each ashtray has been handcrafted by the artist herself, making each piece completely one-of-a-kind. Be fearless in the reinvention of your space. Be bold with your smoke. Explore our unique ashtray art and make a statement.

A New Smoke Experience

Mass production enables industries to produce large amounts of identical, standardized goods for the masses, from decor to ashtrays. But at HOS, we’re here to break the standard and embrace the savage artistic lifestyle. 

Our cool ashtrays are 100% handmade, meaning no two pieces are the same. No mass production. Only artistic craftsmanship. These are savage pieces that dare to be different from the masses – much like you.

You don’t need to be a smoker to have a Savage Smoke experience. These artistic ashtrays offer unique designs, bold juxtapositions of color, and an expert execution that makes a savage statement in your space. 

HOS makes for artful gifting. Special occasion? “Just because”? Give the gift of savagery.

Bring Your Dreams Home

Whether you’re looking to elevate your home ambiance or have a passion for upscale functional artistry, there’s a one-of-a-kind piece at House of Savage that awaits your claim.

Use and display a cool ashtray. Light and smell a unique-shaped candle. Tell a story with your pieces to create a space that’s unapologetically you. Edgy art, endless possibilities.

From ashtray art to home decor, everything at House of Savage has been crafted by the artist to create a bespoke piece of art. Commissions are welcome. Send inquiries about a custom commission to

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