Collection: Ceramic Decor

Chic and unquestionably savage, our custom ceramics were designed to elevate and transform your personal space. Embrace an aesthetic that’s uniquely yours. Take notice as your home’s atmosphere develops an artistic edge that emits beauty, joy, and unmatched style to every surface. 

Each piece in our creative collection is handmade and repurposed by the artist using high-quality techniques and materials. Explore now to own a Savage masterpiece.

The Personalized Touch of Custom Ceramics

Express your bold personality and high-class style with unique ceramics from HOS. Display these pieces of handcrafted excellence where they can make a statement. Place them alongside handmade home decor, or transform your entire space with art that tells a story. This is edgy art with endless possibilities.

Upscale. Trendy. Savage. Our artistic decor was designed to define your space — your way. Immerse yourself in our artwork blog to discover inspiration for how you can elevate your home ambiance with our creative collections.

You can bring a piece of custom savage art home that’s created just for you. Contact us for a bespoke commission from House of Savage.

Invoke Playful Luxury with HOS

Custom ceramics. Edgy coasters. Delightful candles. Each piece at House of Savage was handcrafted or repurposed by the artist to add a splash of luxury and fierceness to your home. Tell your savage story – it wants to be heard.

Your one-of-a-kind style comes to life at HOS. Our decor and unique ceramics are also created by hand. No two pieces will ever be exactly the same — this is the magnetism of our fierce art. 

We specialize in functional artistry that you can display and use to your liking. Shop Savage Smoke, Savage Fire, and more to discover artistic decor that’s made for living.

Find your dreams. Bring them home.