Collection: Coasters

Functional. Artistic. Savage. These cool coasters instantly up the style in your space They add that touch of modern edge you crave. 100% handmade and one-of-a-kind, this creative collection dares to be different. Redefine the practical pieces in your home. Using a flawless yet rogue execution, the artist has created a collection of functional elevated decor that helps you express your inner savage. Explore HOS artistic coasters now to make a bold statement in your space.

Cool Coasters that Express Your Savage Style

Much like ashtrays, coasters are traditionally designed to serve a purely practical purpose in the home. But practical can also be eye-catching and exciting. We’re all about breaking the mold to create functional artistry at HOS. These coasters have been designed to elevate your personal space all while maintaining practicality. Here, you can express your originality, inspire conversation, and embrace the Savage all at once.

No two pieces at HOS are the same. From these artistic coasters to our uniquely shaped candles, every artistic piece has been handcrafted by the artist of HOS. She uses high-quality materials and techniques to achieve the look and feel you want in your space. They’re also delightful for artful gifting to another Savage-minded friend.

Explore our creative collection today. We offer US and international shipping.

Edgy Art, Endless Possibilities

There’s no limit to how your inner savage can transform your home. At House of Savage, we create edgy artistic decor that’s designed to transform any space into a visual manifestation of your individuality, personality, and style. This is functional art that helps you express your story.

Interact with your decor. Showcase your pieces unapologetically. Spark unconfined joy with sweetly savage art decor. These pieces are both functional and artistic. They create a striking, modern balance in your space. 

Shop cool coasters and more handmade home decor at House of Savage now or reach out to inquire about our bespoke commissions. 

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