Collection: SAVAGE ART

There’s no room for ordinary. Your home was made to be savage. 100% handmade and unapologetically fierce, this art decor is designed to elevate your living space by illuminating an aura of individuality, creativity, and modern elegance. These pieces of handcrafted excellence are made to make a statement that demands to be heard. 

Explore our creative collection of unique canvas art, sculpture, and repurposed art today and own a savage masterpiece.

Dare to Be Different with Your Art Decor

Disrupt your home out of the average and into an atmosphere of chic savageness with our collection of art. Expertly crafted by hand using high-quality materials, these edgy pieces are designed to tell a story. Are you ready to listen?

Since each piece is made by hand, no two are the same – delivering unique canvas art to your home that is your truest expression of your personal self and space. Edgy art, endless possibilities. 

Make a statement with the beguiling glamor of the one-of-a-kind canvas art and sculptures in our collection.

Make a Statement with House of Savage

We dare you to be different at House of Savage. Embrace originality. Embrace expression. Embrace the savage. We create functional artistry, handcrafting each boldly unique piece to stand out in any space.

Find your dreams. Bring them home. House of Savage offers stylish art decor that’s not only made to be seen but interacted with. 

Practical and functional meet high-class artistry with our statement-making candles, ashtrays, and home decor. Shop Savage Home, Savage Fire, and Savage Smoke and get your piece shipped to you directly from the artist herself.