Collection: Pancake Candles

Indulge your sweet tooth senses with a stack of pancakes at any time – brunch not required. Syrupy sweet and deliciously savage, these handcrafted candles were designed with edgy, functional artistry in mind. Make a statement with handmade pancake decor that elevates your coffee table. Light your stack to create an elegant and playful ambiance. Express your individuality with boldly unique candles. Discover your inner savage.

The Functional Artistry of Savage Fire

Reinvent your space with one-of-a-kind pieces that are made to set the mood and upgrade your space. These pancake candles are not confined by any vessels. They are handmade sculptures that are as sweet to look at as they are to light and breathe in.

Each one of these candles has been crafted by hand by the artist using high-quality materials and techniques. No candle is ever exactly the same, making each one ideal for artful gifting. They are a fun and playful addition for anyone who enjoys artistic pieces in their home.

The pancake decor from HOS is almost too decadent to light but fully enjoyed if they are. Each stack smells simply delicious.

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Find Your Dreams. Bring them Home.

Give a touch of fierce elegance to your home with House of Savage. Our artistic decor is made by hand. The artist behind HOS offers entire collections of pieces that can’t be replicated or found anywhere else.

Transform your space to fit your unique style and personality with our handcrafted excellence. Light pancake candles. Have a Savage Smoke experience. Add personalized charm with handmade home decor. Showcase your exceptional eye for unapologetically bold art decor. Define your love for edgy art, with endless possibilities. 

Explore our creative collection now at House of Savage. For any questions or to learn more about bespoke commissions, contact the artist, today.