Collection: Skull Decor

Fierce edge. Modern style. The very definition of savage. The boldly unique style and rogue execution of this artistic decor has been handcrafted to make a statement. And make a statement, it does. Featuring contrasting, cohesive colors and bold graffiti work, our skull house decor is handcrafted excellence that brings savage individuality into your personal space. Find your dreams. Bring them home.

One-of-a-Kind Artistic Decor

Your vision of living amid upscale decor with an edge isn’t just a dream. It can be your reality. Using expert resin work and her own savage vision, the artist behind HOS has crafted a collection of skull decor designed to elevate your home ambiance. So go ahead – add a touch of chic savagery to your space.

Reinvent your entire home with one-of-a-kind artistic pieces from House of Savage. Make a statement with skull house decor. Change the atmosphere and feel with unique-shaped candles. Tell a story with handmade home decor. Express your inner savage.

We also offer bespoke commissions, made with you in mind in collaboration with the artist. Contact us to learn more.

100% Handmade Art

We specialize in edgy functional art at House of Savage. Each piece is designed to not only be showcased in your space but interacted with – whether that’s through a practical function or by conversation. 

Each ashtray, skull, and art decor piece has been handcrafted or repurposed. That means no two pieces in any of our collections will be exactly the same. They may vary in shape, color, or form. The one thing that remains is their savage elegance.

We offer US shipping and international shipping to Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, Spain, and the UK. 

Own a Savage Masterpiece.