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New Year, New Savage: Refresh Your Space with Bold Art

With each new year comes the desire for reinvention. Self-discovery. Self-improvement. Cliché? To some, maybe. 

But we’re not talking about any refresh. We’re talking about a refresh that’s focused on embracing the savage and elevating your home ambiance. One that brings your dreams home. 

Whether you’re a new Savage or the same Savage looking to reinvent your space with unique decorations, we have some of our favorite edgy room ideas you’ll want to keep in mind for your decor makeover:

Consider Your Style

First things first: you want to consider your home decor style and how you’d like your space to look. Your style may not be the same as another Savage – and there’s nothing wrong with that. 

Do you want to have one statement-making piece that anchors the entire room? Do you want to create a boldly unique space with an unapologetic use of color and form? Asking yourself these questions will help you find unique decorations that not only speak to you but will help create a chic, cohesive space.

Transform Any Room with Wall Art

Refreshing your space doesn’t necessarily mean undergoing an extensive renovation. Sometimes, all it takes is one piece of art decor

Art decor can be transformative, infusing any room with personality and fierce style in an instant. Here’s one edgy room idea that’s a must: try hanging colorful, handmade canvas art in your main living space. Striking neons contrasting with neutrals paired with a savage theme feel daring and make a statement. This is especially true against a backdrop with a neutral or limited color palette.

Drawn more to sculpture? Hang a resin skull sculpture on your wall and play with texture and form throughout your space, from art to furnishings. Edgy art has endless possibilities.

Use Figurative Pieces to Add Edge

ceramic fake cake candlestick holder sitting on book

Ornaments. Vases. Coasters. Candle and incense holders. Just because these pieces of home decor are small, doesn’t mean they’re not impactful. They’re unique decorations that seamlessly fit with a variety of other home furnishings and decor. 

If you have a shadow box or tabletop display tree with branches, hang ceramic ornaments or trinkets to tell a story. Another edgy room idea is to display coasters or vases as stylishly modern centerpieces on your table. As pieces of functional artistry, they’ll serve their original, practical purpose and add visual interest to your space.

Complement Bold with Bold

Bold art needs its equally bold counterpart: handmade candles. These unique decorations offer a sensory experience in your personal space, affecting its scent, mood, and ambiance in one fell swoop. Add a candle with a similar theme to your other savage decor, whether that’s through similar/complementary colors or form.

Haven’t added a savage masterpiece to your home, yet? Candles – and even artistic ashtrays – can provide a great starting point for decorating and can help you establish a color theme.

Unique Decorations that Reinvent Your Space

This year, reinvent your space with a touch of savage. Use House of Savage’s edgy room ideas to get inspired and create a space that resonates with your personality and style. Explore handcrafted one-of-a-kind pieces made by the artist herself. Or request a custom commission for a unique piece that is all your own. 

Find your dreams. Bring them home.

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