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Dimensional Living: The Bold Impact of 3D Wall Art

Despite being placed into three-dimensional spaces, wall art has generally been limited to 2D like drawings, canvas paintings, photos, and prints. Elegant and captivating? Definitely. Visually impactful? Yes, but certainly not the only option for dimensional living – especially for those who err on the savage side. Let’s dive into the world of 3D wall decor and how it has influenced interior design.


Unapologetic Personalization of Your Space

No matter your home decor style, one thing that just about everyone wants in their home is personalization. A space that feels completely and entirely your own. In art and interior design, that’s often achieved through color, depth of field, design, art placement, and style. Think printed wallpapers (a recent interior design trend) or even painted accent walls. 3D wall art, however, takes personalization to a new level. 


It’s the very definition of expression, which is why more and more are becoming drawn to 3D in their homes. Breaking the mold of traditional design, these pieces look and feel unlike any other – and can be customized to fit any style. Whether you’re a trendsetter or drawn to one-of-a-kind pieces with a modern edge, you won’t have any difficulty finding 3D wall decor that speaks to your inner savage. 


Unmatched Depth and Dimension

Instead of being limited to the techniques of 2D art, 3D wall decor has immeasurable access to physical texture and shape. Take our Savage Graffiti Skull Canvas, for example. Not only does it add depth with the savage graffiti repeated in 2D but it enhances the visual impact with the three-dimensional skull on the canvas. The result? An expansive realm where texture, shape, and depth reign queen.


Visual Interest, Redefined

painted graffiti cow skull


Color contrast. Mixing patterns and metals. Playing with lighting. Interior design has many methods for adding visual interest to spaces. 3D wall art achieves this effortlessly with its use of form and texture. It creates an immersive experience in an instant, enthralling any viewer and sparking conversation. Made to be displayed and interacted with. Active, rather than passive. 


This impact on dimension can’t be denied. That’s why interior design has become enraptured with 3D, using decor such as wall panels, creative wall lighting, and art decor to convey visual interest and personality.

Dynamic Design Possibilities 

3D art is extremely versatile, which is particularly important considering that homes are a reflection of who you are. Unlike traditional 2D walls, these dynamic pieces offer endless possibilities for their created aesthetic. Disrupt order with dimensional canvas art or graffiti skull. Add a chic edge to your space with a large metallic silver skull. 3D wall art is designed to introduce depth and dimensionality to any once-mundane or ordinary space. 

Dare to Be Different with 3D Wall Decor

From graffiti canvas art to resin skulls, 3D wall art serves as the transformative decor that seamlessly blends self-expression and elevation of home ambiance. Embrace dimensional living with the boldly unique visual impact of 3D art. Shop Savage and bring your dreams home.




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