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The Artist: The Story Behind Her Savage Artistic Style

HOS is all about modern, artistic decor that embraces the inner savage. Handcrafted by Allie, the unique artist behind House of Savage, each piece of functional artistry is completely one of a kind. These pieces dare you to be different. 

Allie’s unique journey helped reawaken the savage artist in herself. But that’s only one chapter of her story. 

Discovering the Inner Savage

Exposed to her mother’s art business, Allie was immersed in art from a young age. However, art was not the road her life would take – or at least, not yet. She earned a finance degree, entered the corporate world, and began a career in finance. Unfulfilled and still nursing a lifelong dream of being an artist, she turned to shopping as an outlet for stress relief, finding joy in discovering new and interesting things. 

For Allie, corporate life wasn’t meant to be, and she left to create House of Savage.

The Making of a Unique Artist

The unconfined escapist joy Allie found in shopping while working in finance, is the same feeling she wants to ignite with the pieces she creates for House of Savage. Inspired by all that life evokes, she’s an edgy artist whose creativity and passion for what she does knows no bounds.

House of Savage specializes in functional artistry, with the expectation that you interact with the piece and display it as unique art decor. And these pieces certainly are unique – the mark of our savage artist. As pieces of handcrafted excellence, no two pieces will ever be the same. But you won’t find these pieces beyond the HOS space, either. Allie is dedicated to making every item 100% one-of-a-kind. They can’t be replicated or reproduced. HOS is art with a story.

A unique artist in her own right, Allie uses her expertise and savage creativity to elevate your space. To embolden self-expression. To bring joy. To inspire you, as Allie did with HOS, to unapologetically embrace your savage.

Turning Inspiration into Art

gold leaf coaster set

Life is, in and of itself, inspiration: memories, smells, tastes, sights, sounds, feelings. Take one of Allie’s favorite pieces, the Strawberry Shortcake Pancake Candle, for example. Fun to look at, fun to smell, and fun to make. Utilizing a high level of skill, she crafted the dessert we all know and love as a functional art piece. It not only looks delicious but its fragrance fills the room soon after it’s lit giving you a multi-sensory experience.

The art process behind a unique artist is as integral to the creation of pieces as the inspiration. As delicious as the real thing, the Ceramic Cinnamon Bun Incense Holder was the amalgamation of many techniques: resin work, clay, and acrylic paint. Using her expertise as an edgy artist to create something so sinful and so decadent that also served as functional art? Immensely satisfying. 

Elegant, functional artistry is woven into the fabrication of HOS. From the Gold Leaf Coaster Set to the rest of our savage collections, you’ll discover pieces created by a unique artist who’s driven by her story – excited to see where it’ll take her next.

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